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12+ breathtaking spots to watch the sunset in Dublin Ireland

Where to watch the sunset in Dublin?

The best place to watch the sunset in Dublin Ireland?

I love helping people explore some of the most beautiful spots in Dublin. When visiting Ireland‘s capital city, most Dublin itineraries involve a visit to the book of Kells at Trinity College, Shop till they drop on Grafton Street and pull their very own pint at the Guinness Storehouse.

There is no denying, with sunny weather, Ireland is easily one of the most breathtaking countries in the world. The green scenery, stunning beaches and peaceful mountains (ok, ok … hills) really come to life when the sun shines. One of my favourite things to do is catch the sunset in Dublin Ireland. And that is why I have decided to put together this guide to help you find the best place to watch the sunset in Dublin. The guide will feature top sunset locations, how to get there and a little bit of information about each place.

Where to Watch the Sunset in Dublin Ireland

Dublin Sunset - Killiney Hill
Dublin Sunset – Killiney Hill
Dublin Sunset - Killiney Hill
Dublin Sunset – Killiney Hill

1. Killiney Hill

First on our Dublin Sunset List is probably my favourite place to watch the sky come to life, and that is Killiney Hill. It takes about 20 minutes to walk up to the summit of Killiney Hill, and from the top, there are amazing 360 views of both Dublin and Wicklow.

Killiney Hill is also home to the obelisk known as the ‘witches hat’ which can be seen from many areas in south Dublin and our very own pyramid. This area is a lovely place to enjoy an evening stroll and watch the sun say goodnight.

How to get to Killiney: It takes a little over 30 minutes to reach Killiney from Tara Dart Station in the city centre (google maps directions). There is also free parking on-site for anyone looking to drive. Just be mindful, that on a sunny day the car park can get busy.

Dublin Sunset – Hellfire Club Dublin Mountains

2. The Hellfire Club

Next on the list of the top places to watch the sunset in Dublin is one of Ireland best kept secrets the Hellfire Club. Located high up on the Dublin Mountains, the hellfire club is the perfect place to watch the sunset, enjoy the great outdoors and admire the amazing view of Dublin from the hillside.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the top depending on which route you decide to take. The main trail is suitable for all fitness levels and follows a paved path. On the summit of Montpellier hill lies the famous ruin of the Hellfire Club which is said to have a little bit of a spooky past. But don’t let that deter, much like the rest of Dublin, the Hellfire Club is a relatively safe place to visit. However, I do not advise going there alone in the dark.

How to get to the Hellfire Club: The Hell Fire Club is a 30-minute drive from the city centre and there is a free car park on-site. Unfortunately, there are no public transport options at the moment. And Dublin is a rather expensive city, especially when it comes to taxi’s so expect to pay anywhere from 25 to 35 euros one way. There are many hiking trails in the area, therefore making it the perfect spot to spend the day.

Dublin Sunset - Samuel Beckett Bridge
Dublin Sunset – Samuel Beckett Bridge

3. The Samuel Beckett Bridge

If you are looking for somewhere in Dublin City Center to watch the sunset then I’d highly recommend heading towards the Samuel Becket Bridge. In the spring/summer months the sunsets along the river Liffey, often making the sky turn a beautiful pink hue.

You may even be lucky to catch the sun reflecting on the waterfront. Either way, it’s a beautiful spot in Dublin to watch the sky turn from day to night.

Dublin Sunset - The Great South Wall - Poolbeg
Dublin Sunset – The Great South Wall – Poolbeg

4. The Great South Wall – Poolbeg Lighthouse

The Great South Wall walk is probably one of Dublin’ most popular coastal strolls. Located in the heart of Dublin’s docklands it is the perfect place to go for an evening stroll as the sun goes in.

It takes about 40 minutes to walk out to Poolbeg lighthouse and the sunsets behind the iconic Poolbeg Towers. Due to the suns position, it is best to begin the walk an hour before the sun is due to set. That way you will be walking back off the pier as the sun disappears over the city skyline.

How to get to the Great South Wall: The Great South Wall car park is located just a short 20-minute drive from the city centre. The car park itself is rather small, however, there is more parking available along the seafront.

Unfortunately, this trail isn’t as easy to access via public transport. For those of you who don’t drive, follow the directions to Sandymount Strand from there it will take you are further 30 minutes to walk to Poolbeg car park.

The Old Military Road Sunset Dublin Ireland
The Old Military Road Sunset Dublin Ireland

5. The Old Military Road

This is my personal favourite place to watch the sunset in all of Dublin. The Old Military Road is located on the Dublin/Wicklow border and is the most remote location in the County. It is the perfect place to go for a drive with your friends and enjoy the sun go down from the car.

No matter how many times I visit Military Road at sunset, the sky looks different each time. It’s a truly magical experience.

How to get to Old Military Road: The Old Military Road is only accessible via car. It is located a 30/40 minute drive from the city centre and lies in between the Dublin View Point and Kippure Mountain. Here is a google maps link to help you find it.

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Dublin Sunset - Howth Pier
Dublin Sunset – Howth Pier

6. Howth Pier

A walk down Howth Pier is a must for anyone visiting Dublin for the first time. Howth is a small fishing village located on the Northside of Dublin City and it is a great way to get out of the city for a bit without having to venture too far. Many will take a Day Trip from Dublin to Howth to enjoy the incredible scenery.

It takes about 30 minutes to walk down to Howth lighthouse, from there you can watch the sun go down. In fact, it is the only place in Dublin where you can see the sunset directly on the waterfront.

It is also a popular place for Dublin Food Tours, so you could make a day out of it and spend your entire day in the stunning coastal town.

How to get to Howth: It takes 30 minutes to reach Howth on the DART. Directions can be seen on Google Maps. Those wanting to drive can use on-street pay and display parking.

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Dublin Sunset - Sutton, Howth Cliff Walk
Dublin Sunset – Sutton, Howth Cliff Walk
Dublin Sunset - Sutton, Howth Cliff Walk
Dublin Sunset – Sutton, Howth Cliff Walk

7. Sutton

Not too far from Howth Pier is Sutton, a stunning seaside stretch on the Northside of Dublin City. If you are looking to enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful sunset in Dublin then I’d highly recommend heading out to the Martello Tower in Sutton located on the Howth Cliff Walk, it is one of the most popular walks in Dublin. And while the cliffs are by no means the highest in Ireland, they still offer incredible views from the top.

Here, you can enjoy the sunset from the cliff walk path or if you are feeling adventurous hike up onto the red rock behind the Martello Tower for an even more spectacular view.

If you are looking to enjoy more coastal views in Ireland be sure to check out my list of the Best Cliffs in Ireland for some inspiration.

Dublin Sunset - Stephens Green
Dublin Sunset – Stephens Green

8. St. Stephens Green

Another great spot to catch the sunset in the city centre is none other than St. Stephens Green. Now I must admit, catching a good sunset from this spot does come down to having a little bit of extra luck as you will need the clouds to be on your side. However, there have been many times that I have seen the sky come to life as I strolled around Dublin’s city centre.

Dublin Sunset - Smithfield Tower
Dublin Sunset – Smithfield Tower

9. Smithfield Tower

Smithfield Tower, one of Dublin’s Hidden Gems located just 10 minutes from the heart of the city centre. Are you willing to climb up 200+ steps to witness an epic view of Dublin City at Sunset? If yes, then you should check out Smithfield Tower, the skinny observation deck offers 360 views of Ireland’s capital city and is the perfect place to watch the sunset.

Tickets into the observation deck cost five euros and there are no lifts so you must be prepared to climb. You can purchase tickets from the Generator Hostel located beside the tower. If you are looking for more cheap or free things to do in the city please check out my Free Dublin Attractions Guide.

Dublin Sunset - Dun Laoghaire
Dublin Sunset – Dun Laoghaire

10. Dun Laoghaire Pier

Dun Laoghaire is possibly the best place to watch the sunset in Dublin. The seaside town is the perfect place to relax and take in the view as the sky changes from dusk to dawn. It takes approximately 15 minutes to walk down the east pier, the suns reflection can be seen anywhere from this walk. And on a sunny day, you’re sure to see the sky light up with breathtaking colours. Dun Laoghaire is the perfect location for a romantic date by the sea, with many restaurants nearby.

And it is pronounced Dunne-Leery for anyone who is a little bit confused, it translates to the ‘fort of leery’ in the Irish Language.

Getting There: Dun Laoghaire can be easily reached from the city centre by using the dart or bus services. Directions can be seen on Google Maps. There is also several on-street parking options for those looking to drive (majority pay and display).

Dublin Sunset - Ticknock Dublin Mountains
Dublin Sunset – Ticknock Dublin Mountains

11. Ticknock

Ticknock is another beautiful hike in the Dublin Mountains. The trail brings walkers up to the summit of Three rock mountain, from which there are spectacular views of Dublin city and the coastline.

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to reach the fairy castle at the top of Tree Rock, this is the perfect place to watch the sunset over the mountains. On the way back down you may even get lucky and see the sky change colours over the city. Don’t forget to wrap up warm though, it can get chilly once the sun goes in. It may be a good idea to check out my Ireland packing list so that you are prepared for our unpredictable weather.

How to get to Ticknock: Unfortunately, Ticknock can only be reached via car. Directions can be seen on Google Maps. There is free parking on-site, however, it has the tendency to be busy at peak times.

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Dublin Sunset - Lead Mines
Dublin Sunset – Lead Mines

12. The Dublin Lead Mines

The Dublin Lead Mines is another beautiful walk to enjoy as the sun goes down. The trail is located in the Dublin Mountains and takes about 20 minutes to reach the summit. From the top, there is a beautiful view of Dublin’s Coastline and city.

It is still possible to enter the lead mine, which was founded in 1807. The Ballycorus Leadmine can be seen from multiple places in South Dublin.

How to get to the Leadmines: The Leadmines are located a 30 miunte drive from the city centre. The car park is rather small and it can be hard to find parking at times.

13. The Guinness Storehouse

No Ireland itinerary is complete without a trip to the home of the black stuff, one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Dublin. The tour invites visitors to explore the 5 story storehouse all while learning how the famous Irish drink is made. And while the experience in itself is super fun there is one part of the attraction that makes the Guinness Storehouse a must for all those visiting Dublin. That is none other than the Gravity Bar, a circle-shaped rooftop bar that offers outstanding views of Ireland’s capital city. I’d advise visiting the storehouse 2/3 hours before sunset so you can enjoy some golden hour views with a drink in hand.

Places Near Dublin to Watch the Sunset

County Wicklow is Dublin’s next-door neighbour, with many stunning locations easily accessible via car or public transport. Below are some of my favourite spots in Wicklow to watch the sunset. All of which is just a short distance from Dublin.

Wicklow Sunset - Bray Head
Wicklow Sunset – Bray Head

1. Bray Head

Bray Head is one of my favourite walks near Dublin, the trail is rather steep and takes about 30 minutes to reach the top but the views make the climb completely worth it. If you have a little more time on your hands you should consider walking Bray to Greystones, just make sure you make it back in time for sunset.

Bray head is located in a stunning seaside town in County Wicklow and is easy to reach from Dublin City via the DART. Directions can be seen on Google Maps.

Sunset Dublin Ireland : A guide to Dublin sunsets, So whether you’re a tourist on vacation, a local looking for a relaxing evening or planning a trip to Dublin, stay tuned to find out the best places to watch the sky come to life.

2. Bray Seafront

Sometimes it is important to look in the opposite direction to where the sun is setting. Walking along Bray’s seafront is such a relaxing experience, especially when you’re faced with such beautiful colours. There is something special about this place and it is defiantly worth a visit. If you don’t have time to climb up Bray Head then you might just get lucky with the stunning sunset colours along Bray Promenade.

Wicklow Sunset - Sugar Loaf
Wicklow Sunset – Sugar Loaf

3. The Great Sugar Loaf

Another great spot to watch the sunset in County Wicklow is from the top of the Sugar Loaf. This stunning trail takes about 30 minutes to reach the top and offers insanely beautiful views of County Wicklow. Although it is a rather quick hike it can be strenuous in some places and hiking boots are advised. The Sugar Loaf is located just a 30-minute drive from Dublin City and there is a free car park on-site.

Wicklow Sunset - Lough Tay
Wicklow Sunset – Lough Tay

4. Lough Tay – Guinness Lake

The final spot on the list for top places to watch the Sunset near Dublin is Lough Tay, otherwise known as Guinness Lake. The sunsets along the Valley and the mountains become beautiful silhouettes.

Deciding where to watch sunset in Dublin can be a hard task with all these wonderful locations to explore. I hope this guide helped narrow down some Dublin sunset spots worth visiting. For me, the best sunset in Dublin would have to be at Dublin’s Hellfire Club. On a clear day, the suns rays reflecting against Dublin City is magical.

sunset in Dublin Ireland Howth

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing time on your trip to Ireland. If you need any help with your planning feel free to message me on Instagram.

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  1. Your pictures are so pretty! I’ve lived in Ireland for 6 years and I do miss the sunsets indeed, your pictures are definitely doing them justice πŸ™‚

  2. I had no idea the sunsets there are so dang beautiful. I have many friends that are from Dublin that have been convinving me to go, now I really want to go visit.

    1. You really should come for a visit. There is so much to do in Ireland outside Dublin too. If you do decide to go let me know if you need any advice πŸ™‚

  3. What a great idea for a post! I’m considering Dublin for a trip in the next year, and I have to pin this to plan later. Thanks!

  4. Brilliant sunsets! I’m a sunset lover myself, I go chasing them around the world πŸ™‚ Have seen some of the best sunsets and these are pretty amazing too. I love the one at Bray Head the best πŸ™‚

  5. Dublin looks so beautiful. I must confess I’ve only been once and that was for my mums 50th with my family, we spend the weekend drinking and didn;t see any of these beautiful places. I really must go again and spend some more time there exploring!

    1. haha that’s why a lot of people come to Dublin for, the drink. You should definitely come back over and check out other places around Ireland too πŸ™‚

  6. I haven’t been to Dublin yet, but I do love a good sunset! Especially if it comes with some bubbly! πŸ™‚ Montpellier hill looks absolutely amazing – totally bookmarking your post for future reference.

  7. Some amazing sunsets here! I particularly like the colours in the . Dun Laoghaire Pier shot. It’s like, if you ask a child to draw a sunset, those are the exact colours they’d choose!

  8. I love seeing some Howth love! Howth might easily have been my favorite part of Dublin from my first solo trip ever back in 2014. Great list with the other spots, too. But Howth will always have a special place in my heart. Also – it holds a special place in my stomach’s heart too… that pub at the summit has AMAZINGLY fresh mussels. Thanks for sharing!

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