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Dublin Tourist Traps that will BURN a hole in your pocket!

Dublin has it’s fair share of attractions to offer to the 8+ million people who visit each year. And, while most things to do are highly rated there are some tourist traps in Dublin that don’t deserve nearly as much hype. And as a local Irish girl I wanted to bring to you a no BS guide to Ireland’s Capital City. So, if you want find out what attractions to skip then Keep on reading!

Temple Bar

Ok, so this may come to your surprise, but I don’t fully recommend skipping Temple Bar, at least not all together. Yes, the area is CRAZY expensive, but when it comes down to it, it does have it’s own unique ‘charm’. With it’s cobblestone streets, live music performances, and endless food options.

So, I do suggest spending at least a little bit of time here, soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying some of the craic, and then moving on to more affordable places.

Alternative Options:

For those looking to sit with a pint of the black stuff and absorb some traditional Irish tunes for a fraction of the price, I recommend making your way to the ‘Brazen Head’. Just a 10 minute walk from the iconic area.

If you are looking a dance or a boogie, ‘NoLIta‘ is always a great option, or for you hardcore party goers, Harcourt Street is where you can spend time dancing the night away into the early hours. ‘Coppers’ or ‘Dicey’s’ tends to be popular spots here.

The Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar

Ok, hear me out. Before anyone comes for me via DM. I LOVE the Guinness Storehouse. If I am being honest, it is one tourist attraction that I completely understand the hype. So, you may be wondering why it is on the list.

I really enjoy the experience itself, it’s interactive, fun and a little bit different, but in saying that, if your main purpose for visiting the storehouse is to enjoy the incredible 360 views from the top of the Gravity Bar then you may be interested in my alternative option.

Alternative Option:

Many people (including locals) are completely unaware of ‘Smithfield Tower‘ an extremely inexpensive viewing platform located a stone throw away from Dublin City Centre. Entry cost’s just €5, and yes, you do need to walk up a couple hundred spiral steps to reach the top but the views are 110% worth it. And, due to the attraction being one of Dublin’s best kept secret it is common to have to entire place to yourself.

As far as I know, there is no way to purchase tickets online, the only way to get them is by asking at the reception of the Generator Hostel.

Dublin Castle

Don’t get me wrong. Dublin Castle is nice. Especially for those who are interested in history and interior architecture but in saying that it doesn’t exactly resemble a castle in the way that you would expect. Especially not in Ireland, the gardens are beautiful, but the exterior screams government building. And that is because that’s just what it is used for now a days.

Basically history-wise, it’s a cool visit, aesthetic-wise, not so much!

Alternative Option:

For those still looking to catch a glimpse of an Irish castle I would suggest booking this day tour. It takes you to the stunning Glendalough, where you will get to explore the remains of a medieval monastic settlement and take in the breathtaking scenery.

After that, you will visit the stunning town of Kilkenny, and the castle there is far more picturesque and worth visiting (in my opinion).

The Hop On – Hop Off Bus Tour

Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a time and a place for these kind of tours. If you are feeling rushed, and only have limited time in the city then by all means book it. It’s sure to save you a little bit of time trying to navigate the city yourself.

However, if you have more than 24 hours to spare I’d suggest exploring the city by foot. Dublin is extremely walkable. It’s easy to get from A to B without the need of public transport or taxi’s.

The Spire

This mounument caused it’s fair share of controversy when it was first built. Many Dubliners felt it didn’t quite fit in with the historic aesthetic of the city. Personally, I think it’s a bit of an eyesore but at te same time I do like it as aid to navigating the city.

Local’s took to comedy and nicknamed it some pretty hilarious names such as ‘The Erection at the Intersection’ or ‘the stiffy by the Liffey’ or ‘The Pin in the Bin’.

Yet, I still see tourists lining up to take a picture with it. I suppose that’s just the nature of travel, wanting to see all the popular sights – even if they’re not necessarily aesthetically pleasing.

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