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Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland

41+ Ireland Travel Tips: Things you SHOULD NOT do on your first trip to Ireland!

Tips for Traveling to Ireland for the First Time – According to a Local The more I venture around the world, the more questions I am asked about Ireland. Ironic isn’t it? But…If I am being honest, I don’t mind it all too much. In fact, I really love talking about my home country. We […]

Hidden Gems in Ireland - Off the Beaten Path Ireland

HIDDEN GEMS in IRELAND: 51+ ways to discover Ireland Off Beaten Path

Those planning a trip to Ireland often race to discover some of the Island’s most well-known attractions such as the Cliffs of Moher or the Giants Causeway. And while these locations are a must on any Ireland itinerary, there are so many wonderful hidden gems in Ireland that deserve the same love and attention. However, […]

Dublin Hidden Gems The Hungry Tree, King's Inn Park, Dublin, Ireland

30+ HIDDEN GEMS IN DUBLIN – That not even locals know about!

There are many things to do around Dublin, and for such a small city it has many cool quirks and unusual experiences. Being a Irish myself, it took me a minute or two to think about what is considered ‘off the beaten path’. Yes, I may know about it, but how many others do? That’s […]

Saint Johns Point Donegal Ireland

Packing List for Ireland: A Local’s Guide to 4 seasons in the one day!

Packing List for Ireland: A Local’s Guide to 4 seasons in one day! As an Irish girl born and bred, I like to think I know a thing or two about the unpredictable Irish weather. So much so, that I have learned to accept that seeing rain, sleet and sunshine all in one day are […]

Doolin to Cliffs of Moher Walk

The Cliffs of Moher Walk: A Local’s Guide featuring the best routes, parking & inside tips

The Cliffs of Moher Walk: A Local’s Guide featuring the best routes, parking & inside tips The Cliffs of Moher are the most famous Cliffs in Ireland. And, while the cliffs are visited by 1.5 million people each year, most do not venture further than the visitor centre. Today’s guide is all about the Cliffs […]

Best Cliffs in Ireland

25+ of the Best Cliffs in Ireland: That are NOT the Cliffs of Moher

Most of those planning a trip to Ireland will have the mighty Cliffs of Moher high up on their bucket list. And, all for a good reason. The famous cliffs are visited by over 5 million people each year and they are the backdrop for many iconic movies such as Harry Potter and Leap Year. […]

Giants Causeway

The Giants Causeway Walk: Parking, Routes & Local Tips

The Giants Causeway Walk is one of the most popular things to do on the island of Ireland. The Causeway is located in County Antrim, in the North and it is one of the most visited attractions on the island. A visit to the Causeway is a truly unique experience, a must on any Ireland […]

Walks in Dublin Howth Cliff Walk

Walks in Dublin: 21+ beautiful Walks & Hikes According to a Local

The most scenic Walks in Dublin that you can not miss! Ireland is a country full of astonishing beauty. Within minutes of Dublin city centre, there are stunning mountain trails, seaside walks and beautiful parks just waiting to be explored. So whether you are planning to spend the day exploring the scenic side of Ireland’s […]

Walks in Glendalough

Walks in Glendalough: 9 Scenic Walks, Map & Video Guide

A Guide to the BEST Hikes and Walks in Glendalough Ireland Glendalough is one of Ireland’s picture-perfect locations and home to some of the best walks in Wicklow. On arrival, you will feel as if you have stepped straight out of a postcard and into an ancient fairytale. The glacier valley is tucked away in […]

Walks in Wicklow

Walks in Wicklow: 15+ Beautiful Wicklow Hikes you Need to Try!

Wicklow is known as the garden of Ireland, and if I am being honest it is easy to see why. The entire county is bursting with astonishing beauty, from captivating trailheads to stunning coastal walks, Wicklow really has it all! Today’s guide will walk you through some of the most beautiful walks in Wicklow, from […]