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Looking for an unforgettable summer? One filled with endless memories and experiences? Well, look no further. It’s time to book your interrail pass. Interrailing is an amazing experience, one that can’t be missed. It is a hassle-free way of visiting several European countries without the dreaded airport queues, long stopovers and waiting in the baggage hall. Do you have dreams of travelling to Europe by train? But you don’t know where to begin. Then keep on reading, this post will describe the perfect Interrail Itinerary. An itinerary, full of picturesque lakes, stunning beaches and of course the major cities. interrail routes

Budapest (Hungary) -> Split (Croatia) -> Bled (Slovenia) -> Munich (Germany) -> Prague (Czech Republic) -> Berlin (Germany) -> Amsterdam (Netherlands) -> Paris (France)

This post will contain screenshots from the Interrail Time Planner with a step by step guide on getting to each location.

First Stop: Budapest, Hungary  interrail routes

There are so many great things to do while visiting Budapest. There is something for everybody no matter what your interests. Have a relaxing stay by visiting Budapest famous thermal baths or all you city buffs, can get up and personal with one of the worlds most beautiful parliaments. Budapest even has a place for all you Adrenaline Junkies out there with its underground cave system (this is an experience not to be missed). No matter what, you will find something you enjoy in Hungary’s capital city Budapest and this is why it is the perfect first stop on your interrail adventure.

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Budapest -> Split interrail routes

Interrail Itinerary

(via the interrail Website)

Travelling from Budapest to Split takes a total of 13 hours and 27 minutes. Thankfully this is a night train. Be sure to reserve your sleeper ticket in advance, you can do this at the train station. The screenshot above is from the official Interrail website. This site will become your best friend over the course of your holiday.

Next Stop: Split, Croatiainterrail routes

Interrail Itinerary

Split, is an amazing coastal city with so much to offer. Breathtaking sunsets, sandy beaches and beautiful ancient architecture. It is impossible to run out of things to do in Split.

It is extremely easy to lose yourself while exploring this wonderful city. I would suggest putting a day aside to visit the nearby Islands with crystal clear water surrounding them. You will be blown away by the beauty each Island holds.

Split, Croatia -> Bled, Sloveniainterrail routes

Getting from Split to Bled is probably the most difficult transfer on this interrail route but I ensure you Bled is most definitely worth the visit. To start off your Journey you should hop on a night train (reservation needed) from Split to Croatia’s capital Zagreb. From here you will have a stopover for approximately 1 hour. This is the perfect excuse to go stretch your legs and buy some breakfast.

Interrail Itinerary

(via the interrail Website)

Then catch the 6.55 train from Zagreb to Bled Jezero (with one change over). Once you reach Bled Jezero you will have to get a local bus to the lake. The bus stop is located straight across from the train station and is relatively cheap.

Next Stop: Lake Bled, Slovenia interrail routes

Interrail Itinerary

Slovenia is a magical country, it’s like something out of a fairy tale. There are so many things to see and do in Slovenia. It is a country full of beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and adventure. It is by far my favourite place I visited while interrailing.

Bled, Slovenia -> Munich, Germanyinterrail routes

Interrail Itinerary

(Via the Interrail Website)

Next Stop: Munich, Germanyinterrail routes

My time in Munich was short. However, it is a city I really hope to visit again in the future. Munich was not originally part of my plan while interrailing but I am so glad I got the opportunity to stop over in this beautiful city.

Munich, Germany -> Prague, Czech Republic The Perfect Interrail Itinerary

(Via the Interrail Website)

Next Stop: Prague, Czech Republic interrail routes

Prague is an amazing city. It has a great nightlife scene and so many interesting places to explore. And for an extra bonus, it is super duper cheap. What I liked about Prague is it wasn’t expensive. You can walk around the city, experience the culture and make new friends all while spending barely any money.

Prague, Czech Republic -> Berlin, Germany  interrail routes

(Via the Interrail Website)

Next Stop: Berlin, Germanyinterrail routes

There is so much to see in this historic city. Berlin is big, very big. Unlike the other cities listed above. I recommend booking a hop on hop off bus tour. This will prevent you from missing out on all the top tourist attractions. It’s a great way to see the city without getting lost. I also recommend putting 3 or 4 days aside to explore Germanys Capital city.

Berlin, Germany -> Amsterdam, the Netherlands interrail routes

(Via the Interrail Website)

Trains times are subject to change on certain dates, be sure to check the times for your desired travel date.

Next Stop: Amsterdam, the Netherlands interrail routes

Amsterdam is a fantastic city, with so much to offer. Its colourful buildings, hundreds of bikes and endless amounts of canals make it quite a unique place to visit. There is so much to do, from going on a boat cruise, exploring the red light district or visiting Anne Franks house. It is a city you can visit time and time again and never get bored and should 100% be part of your interrail adventure.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands -> Paris, France  interrail routes

(via the interrail Website)

A reservation for this direct train is needed. I recommend booking 2 to 3 days in advance as it is quite a popular route.

Last Stop: Paris, France interrail routes

It wouldn’t be a European adventure without stopping off in the city of love. Paris is a wonderful city, although it can be very expensive, it is definitely worth it. Much like Berlin, Paris is a big city, however, I recommend walking as much as you possibly can. This way you can experience the culture, city life and all that Paris has to offer. The picture above was taking from Galleries Lafayette.

What is Interrail?

Interrail are train passes that allow passengers to travel freely through mainland Europe without the need to purchase a seperate ticket each time. Get ready to book the trip of your a lifetime!

What type of Interrail Passes can I purchase?

There are three types of Interrail passes, a global pass, a one country pass and a premium pass. The Global pass allows passengers to travel through the majority of European countries using the one train ticket. The One Country pass allows passengers to travel freely through one country. The Premium Pass allows passengers to travel Italy or Spain with pre-booked seats and unlimited journeys a day.

I hope you found this post helpful. I would also recommend downloading the Official Interrail app (IOS or Android) for on the go trains times and information. For booking accommodation search websites such as rel=”nofollow”,  rel=”nofollow”and


All train timetable screenshots where taking from the Interrail Train Time Planner. I don’t own these screenshots. Interrail tickets can be purchased on the official Interrail Website.

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