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How big is Ireland? Size Comparison to the US & European Countries

How big is Ireland? An answer that shocks many, most people are surprised to find that Ireland is actually a rather small country. We Irish are known all across the world for our lively personalities, traditional music and sad history, but the size of our country is often overlooked. I can only presume this is due to heavy emigration over the last few centuries. Due to our country’s past, no matter where you go in the world you more than likely will run into an Irish person. This has led to the spread of our culture, customs and traditions far and wide. Leading to many thinking that Ireland is much bigger than it is!

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

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A photo of Ireland from space looking down on the island
How Big is Ireland? Let’s Find Out!

Section 1: How Large is Ireland?

Due to the presumption that Ireland is bigger than it is, many are shocked to find that it is actually smaller than a lot of it’s nearby countries and even some US states. Before we dive deeper into Ireland’s size compared to other destinations across the world let’s briefly look at some factors to consider when comparing the countries size.

Is Ireland an Island?

Yes, Ireland is indeed an island. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to its west, the Celtic Sea to its south, and the Irish Sea to its east. In fact, the country is home to many iconic coastal attractions such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Giants Causeway.

In this post, we are not going to dive into Ireland’s complicated past but it is important to note that I am referring to the Island of Ireland when comparing sizes. Below is a little breakdown of Ireland’s size.

The Republic of Ireland Size:

The Republic of Ireland, covers an area of approximately 70,273 square kilometers (27,133 square miles).

Northern Ireland’s Size:

Politically speaking Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, and is considerably smaller than the Republic of Ireland. It spans an area of about 14,130 square kilometers (5,456 square miles).

The Island of Ireland’s Size:

Together, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland make up the island of Ireland, which means the total area of Ireland is roughly 84,421 square kilometers (32,595 square miles). Making Ireland the third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth-largest in the world.

What is the length of Ireland?

Measuring from the most northerly point, Malin Head, to the most southerly point, Mizen Head, the length of Ireland is roughly 486 kilometres (302 miles). Which is also the route of the worlds longest coastal drive, the Wild Atlantic Way.

This route covers some of Ireland’s top tourist attractions from soaring cliffs such as Slieve League and the Cliffs of Moher. To hidden gems, like the Aran Islands and the crystal clear waters in Connemara.

Best Cliffs in Ireland

Section 2: How big is Ireland compared to the US?

Ireland’s closest neighbour to the left is the United States so it is only natural for us to be curious about how both countries differ in size. Ireland may seem large in terms of influence, but when it comes to land area it is much smaller than the US. In fact, the United States is around 140 times bigger than Ireland. That really puts the country’s size into perspective.

Ireland is the size of what state?

Size wise Ireland shares a lot of similarities with the state of Indiana, with Ireland spanning 84,421 square kilometres and Indiana, 94,326. Population-wise, Ireland is more comparable to the state of Colorado with both sitting at around 5 million residents.

However, Indiana’s population is not too far behind at just over 6 million people living in the state. It is quite surprising to see that such a small country can have as much influence and recognition on a global scale as it does.

How big is Ireland compared to California?

It may surprise you but Ireland is significantly smaller than the state of California, in fact, California is a whopping 5 times larger than Ireland spanning an impressive 423,970 square kilometres.

Yet, this does not stop Ireland from having a major influence on the culture in Califonia, especially in places like San Francisco. There, you can find an array of Irish traditions, from Gaelic Football Teams, to Irish Dance Sessions and of course Irish Pubs.

Is Texas bigger than Ireland?

Now, this is probably the Ireland size comparison that is most shocking. We all know Texas is REALLY big but did you know that it is 10 times larger than Ireland? To me this seems crazy, if anything it shows the how small Ireland really is.

Texas has a population of 29 million people, which is almost six times greater than Ireland’s.

A picture of Europe from space

Section 3: The Size of Ireland in Europe

Ireland belongs to the continent of Europe, so it is only natural for us to be curious about the country’s size compared to its European neighbours. Let’s dive in to how it compares to others around it.

How big is Ireland compared to England?

When compared to England, Ireland is significantly smaller in size. England covers an area of approximately 130,279 square kilometres, making it almost 1.7 times larger than Ireland.

And when it comes to population, Ireland may be smaller but it has a higher population density than England, with 70 people per square kilometre compared to England’s 426.

England’s population is around 56 million, which is almost 16 times greater than Ireland’s.

Is Ireland bigger than Scotland?

In comparison to Scotland, Ireland is larger in terms of land area. Scotland has an area of about 77,910 square kilometres, which makes it about 20% smaller than Ireland.

However, population-wise, Scotland has around 5.5 million people which is not far off Ireland’s population.

Both countries share similar customs and traditions, from Celtic languages, music and dance to their love of whiskey. We often see each other as cousins or family.

How big is Ireland compared to France?

In comparison to France, Ireland is much smaller. France covers an area of approximately 551,695 square kilometres, making it over 7.6 times larger than Ireland.

How big is Ireland compared to Germany?

When compared to Germany, Ireland is considerably smaller. Germany spans an impressive area of approximately 357,592 square kilometres, making it over 4 times larger than Ireland.

How big is Ireland compared to Italy?

When compared to Italy, Ireland is significantly smaller. Italy occupies an area of about 302,073 square kilometers, making it nearly 4 times larger than Ireland.

How big is Ireland compared to the Netherlands?

Compared to the Netherlands, Ireland is significantly larger. The Netherlands spans a comparatively smaller area of approximately 41,850 square kilometres, making Ireland about 2 times larger.

However, one thing that always shocks me is the Netherlands’ significantly higher population with over 17 million people living in this relatively compact area.

Ireland’s size comparison to Europe:

In terms of size, Ireland is comparable to several countries within Europe. For instance, Ireland’s land area is approximately 70,273 square kilometres, making it similar in size to Lithuania, which has an area of about 65,300 square kilometres. However, Lithunaia’s population is much smaller than Ireland’s, with around 2.8 million people compared to Ireland’s 4.9 million.

Another country that matches up in size to Ireland is Croatia, which has an area of approximately 56,594 square kilometres and a population of around 4.0 million people.

Furthermore, Latvia also has similar land area and population figures to Ireland, with an area of approximately 64,589 square kilometres but a population of around 1.9 million people.

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