Escape the crowds with 9 NEW YORK OFF THE BEATEN PATH locations

New York off the beaten path Exchange Place New Jersey
New York Off the Beaten Path LocationsExchange Place, New Jersey

Escape the crowds with 9 NEW YORK OFF THE BEATEN PATH locations

Ah! New York, New York. One of the worlds most popular cities, attracting over 60 million tourist each year. All  hoping to catch a glimpse of the towering skyscrapers, witness an outstanding performance at a top Broadway show or shop till they drop at 5th Avenue. It’s common for tourist to stick to the typical New York Itinerary, quickly forgetting about the amazing New York off the beaten path attractions just waiting to be explored. There is so much more to New York than just ‘Manhattan’ yet visitors rarely venture further afield.

On my recent 4 day trip the big apple, I did just that. Ventured further a field. Checked out some of the secret spots in NYC and really dove deep into the off the beaten path New York off the beaten path locations. There is no denying it, New York is full of little ‘Hidden Gems’ and I still need to plan another trip to try them all out. 

On my most recent trip I did manage to see some pretty neat places and I am just dying to share them with you guys. So get ready for astonishing views, a secret cable car and even an opportunity to see Jimmy Fallon live on stage. Because here is is my ‘Top 9 NYC off the beaten path attractions’.

New York off the beaten path
New York off the beaten path

1) Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

Let’s kick start this New York off the beaten path guide with one my favourite places to enjoy some peace and quite. Yes, that’s right. Who knew that it was possible to find a ‘quite spot’ among the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Brooklyn bridge park is home to an astonishing views of the iconic New York Skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty and of Course the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. But… The parks fun does not stop there, in the summer months free Kayak sessions are offered from the Hudson River, Pier 4 to be exact. It is also common to see fitness classes being held on the pier 2 area of the park, they have it all from Yoga to Zumba. The park even has it’s own Environmental Education Centre.

Even if you don’t want to take part in any activities, the Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great place to sit back and enjoy the surroundings while escaping the loud atmosphere of the city.

(Brooklyn Bridge Park on Google Maps)

2) Empire Fulton Ferry Park, Brooklyn, New York

New York off the beaten path
Empire Fulton Ferry Park, Brooklyn, New York

Ok, so let’s continue the theme of ‘quite spots in New York’ and take a short walk over to Empire Fulton Ferry Park. It think it’s ironic because the view of the Brooklyn Bridge is so much better from this park. Walkers can literally get up close and personal with the bridge with out even having to be on it.

I personally fell in love with this park, just because of the the endless photo opportunities. The Brooklyn Bridge looks fantastic from every angle. And then once you turn slightly to the right, you are presented with a phenomenal view of the great Manhattan Bridge.

To be honest it is easy to spend hours in this park taking in the views or sunbathing in the warm summer sun.

Points of interest in the Empire Fulton Ferry Park include the Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn, Jane’s Carousel and an interpretive satellite museum of Brooklyn Historical Society.

(Empire Fulton Ferry Park on Google Maps)

3) Pebbles Beach, Brooklyn, New York

New York off the beaten path
Pebbles Beach, Brooklyn, New York

Don’t worry I have one more ‘quite’ New York location up my sleeve. And… I saved the best for last. If you walk further down the Empire Fulton Ferry Park, towards the Manhattan Bridge. You will come across the beautiful Pebbles Beach, with a stunning hidden viewpoint of the Brooklyn Bridge.

I first visited this beach in the early hours of the morning and basically had the place to myself. It is easy to sit for hours watching the waves from the Hudson river crash onto the shoreline.

I returned again in the evening time and the beach was still rather empty. A local or two was doing the same. Enjoying the view but it was by no means packed with tourist like other New York locations.

It’s a lovely place to take in the beauty of Manhattan from afar. Walking along the Hudson River waterfront perfect place for a stroll. It is most definitely one of my favourite New York hidden gems.

(Pebbles Beach on Google Maps)

4) Washington Street, Brooklyn, New York

The next stop on our New York off the beaten path locations brings us to the streets of Dumbo. Dumbo is famous for it’s Flea Market, the free weekly concert series and well, the view of Manhattan.

One street that caught my eye and lead to many of my instagram followers asking ‘Is that photoshopped’ was Washington Street. While strolling by the street I noticed the Manhattan Bridge inlines perfectly with the break in the buildings.

As I walked further down the street, I began to notice that the Empire State Building perfectly inlines with the structure of the Manhattan Bridge, supplying the perfect picture opportunity.

Now, this street isn’t completely free of tourists, as many flock here to get an insta worthy pic with the Manhattan bridge. I did however, notice, that most where unaware of the Empire States and the Manhattan Bridges alignment. To capture this picture it is all about the camera angle. Or, Just pretend your a 5ft 2 woman because I could see it from eye level 😉

Although, this little photo spot is starting to become widely popular among the Instagram world. At this moment and time, it still remains one of the best New York secret spots.

(Washington Street on Google Maps)

5) Liberty Park, Manhattan, New York

new york off the beaten track | Liberty Park @ World Trade Centre

For the next New York off the beaten path location let’s jump on over to the financial district, to one of New York’s newest parks. The Liberty park is described as an ‘acre-long elevated oasis overlooking the World Trade Center’.

On a summers day, the newly opened park is the perfect place for those to enjoy some lunch, while admiring the sky-scraping buildings of the financial district. The park is a true hidden gem within New York, it was designed to allow people to relax and reflect on the tragedy of 9/11.

Now, I must admit, I struggled to initially find the elevated gardens so I have attached its location on Google Maps. Hopefully, that will make things easier for you on your visit to NYC.

6) Roosevelt Island, Manhattan, New York off the beaten path NYC

New York off the beaten path
Roosevelt Island, Manhattan, New York

Who knew there was a cable car running through New York City? I certainly didn’t. Riding a cable car is one of my favourite off the beaten path things to do in NYC. The moment I found out about the Roosevelt Island Cable Car I quickly began to research ways to ride it.

It’s actually pretty simple. The cable car station is located on east 60th street, 2nd avenue. A short walk from Central Park. The cable car ride is valid with the subway card and cost $4.50 for a return journey.

The cable car leaves you at Roosevelt Island, a small skinny Island located between Manhattan and Queens, with Manhattan on the west and Queens on the east.

Points of interests include four freedom park, a small pox’s hospital ruins, the Blackwell island lighthouse and the stunning views of Manhattan. Visitors have the option to walk around the Island or make use of the free shuttle bus to enjoy the views and explore. It is a really fun and unique thing to do in New York City.

7) Liberty State Park, New Jersey

New York off the beaten path
Liberty State Park, New Jersey

Next on our off the beaten path NYC list is none other than Liberty State Park. Although the park is in the state of New Jersey, Liberty State Park is the perfect place to escape the city but still have that city view.

It is the only place outside New York that offers boat trips to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. In fact, passengers can board the Statue Cruises from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan and stop off at Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and Liberty State Park all in the one ticket. of

Other points of interest at Liberty State Park include the empty sky memorial for 9/11, the old New Jersey railroad terminal and in the evening time it’s a popular spot to watch the sunset.

Sunset Time Lapse, Liberty State Park, New Jersey

8) Exchange Place, Jersey City, New Jersey

Exchange Place, Jersey City, New Jersey
Exchange Place, Jersey City, New Jersey

The next spot on our New York off the beaten path location list is once again in the state of New Jersey. It’s possibly my favourite spot to view the Manhattan Skyline. Exchange Place is located in the centre of Downtown New Jersey and is often referred to as “Wall Street West” as many financial companies have set up there.

Path trains run from Westfield Shopping Centre at the world trade centre directly to Exchange Place and cost $2.75 for a single journey.

Exchange place is a beautiful spot to watch the city lights glisten at night time or once again admire the sunsetting upon the iconic skyscrapers.

9) Become an Audience Member of a New TV Show

New York TV Show

Who knew that it is 100% completely FREE to go see a live taping of some of the world’s most popular TV show? Yes, FREE. You just have to be lucky enough to secure tickets.

I was a lucky studio audience members of a New York City TV Show. Not once, but… TWICE. That’s right, on two occasions I was able sit in on a live Television taping.

The first being, Live with Kelly. This one was actually a complete accident. I initially had tickets to ‘the chew’ but due to NYC traffic I missed the taping. Well, lucky for me, they where allowing people walking by to attend the live with Kelly show. Now, this was in January, So, I’d imagine in the peak season tickets would need to be reserved online.

But… the second show tapping I saw had me fan girling for days. I got tickets to JIMMY FALLON. Not only did I get tickets to Jimmy Fallon, but Blake Lively was the guest star of the show I attended. As a massive Gossip Girl fan, it was safe to say, my life was complete.

If you would like more information on getting FREE tickets to popular New York TV shows, be sure to check out my guide: Jimmy Fallon & Live with Kelly Tickets.


Off the beaten path New York City Pinterest Image
Off the Beaten Path New York City Pinterest

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