Words Of Wisdom For First Time Skiers

Words Of Wisdom For First Time Skiers

Sking is such an unforgettable experience, one you will never forget. However, skiing for the first time can be quite a daunting experience. I remember having so many questions the first time I went, I was terrified I’d find it extremely hard and constantly fall. I decided to put together this light-hearted post for all of you who are hitting the slopes for the first time this year. Words Of Wisdom For First Time Skiers

Words of Wisdom For First Time Skiers

  1. Remember everybody starts off as a beginner
  2. It’s hard at first but you will get the hang of it
  3. You will fall
  4. Get back up
  5. And then fall again
  6. But that’s ok
  7. Cause everybody has to start from somewhere
  8. Then suddenly something will click
  9. Out of nowhere you’ll get the hang of it
  10. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget
  11. The better you get, the higher you get
  12. The higher you get, the better the views
  13. And the views are out of this world
  14. Don’t let fear get in the way
  15. If you have a bad fall, put it on the back of your mind and try again
  16. Anyways most falls don’t hurt (I said most)
  17. Although they can be cold
  18. Very cold
  19. And sometimes ice falls down your back
  20. but shake it off and power on through
  21. Oh, and about those chair lifts
  22. They can be scary the first time
  23. but they’re really easy to get on
  24. and the views from them are unbelievable
  25. They’re also very relaxing
  26. So Just sit back and watch the world go on by
  27. Once you reach the top, just slowly stand up and the chair will do the rest
  28. The most important thing is to have fun
  29. Doesn’t matter how good you are
  30. Once you enjoy every moment of it.

Hope you liked this post and have an amazing time on your first skiing adventure. Until next time, Slán go fóill. Words Of Wisdom For First Time Skiers


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