What to Pack for a SKI TRIP with a FREE Printable

ski trip packing list
Hintertux Glacier, Austria

What to Pack for a SKI TRIP with a FREE Printable

Planning a ski trip is super exciting. There is so many things to look forward too, the mountain air, breathtaking views and the making of countless memories. Each time I prepare for a ski trip I get butterflies in my tummy just thinking about the fun times ahead.

However, there is one thing I absolutely dread when it comes to skiing and that is… deciding what to pack for a ski trip. The idea of packing 101 things into one tiny case scares me deeply.

It’s no secret, it’s not easy to pack for a ski trip, one needs an inner layer, a mid layer and an outer layer. Outfits for apres ski shinagins and more.

That is why, I have decided to make packing that little bit easier by creating the ultimate ski trip packing list. So, if your planning a trip to the slopes and and are looking for ski trip checklist look no further because this is the guide for you!

What to wear Skiing

I’ll begin my ski packing list with some of the ski essentials, like clothing. When packing for a ski trip for the first time things can get pretty confusing. All the talk about ‘layers’ can leave first time skiers pretty nervous.

How much layers do I need when skiing?

To be honest there is no easy answer to this question, as one day it could be -20 degrees and the next it could be 12. Therefore it is important to come prepared no matter what the weather.

When packing for a ski trip, your case should contain 3 layers, an inner layer, a mid layer and an outer layer.

Layer number 1: The Thermal Layer

The thermal layer refers to base layer, your ski thermals. Generally speaking, these are skin tight clothing that keeps you warm while you ski.

I find that official ski thermals are not needed. In fact, everyday gym pants and a long sleeve top does the trick.

For one week on the slopes I suggest packing 3 to 4 thermal tops and 3 thermal leggings.

Layer Number 2: The Fleece Layer

The type of Fleece layer needed on any given day deeply depends on the weather conditions.

I usually pack one warm outdoor fleece for the cold days and a light long sleeve sweater for days that are slightly warmer days.

The light sweater is ideal for rolling up and carrying in your day bag.

Layer Number 3: The Outer Layer

The outer layer consists of a sturdy ski jacket, that is water proof and wind proof.

I always like having a sip in the sleeve to store my ski pass. That way I don’t have to take it out when getting on the chairlifts and gondolas.

And ski pants, otherwise known as salopettes.

Don’t forget to Pack some Gloves

Gloves are probably the most important item on any ski packing list. They keep your hand’s dry and warm. And they make for a happy ski experience.

I tend to pack ski gloves liners for extra warmth and the ability to take my chunky ski gloves off as I eat.

I also like those with touch screen capabilities, so I can us my phone with having my hands freeze from the cold.

Keep the Snow and Sun Out of your Eyes

Googles are needed on super snowy days to keep the falling snow from going into your eyes.

They are also ideal for the sunny days to avoid the sun from getting in the way.

Allowing to enjoy the breathtaking views while you ski.

Sunnies are a must!

But… I have ski googles, why do I need to pack sunglasses too?

Great Question! Google’s are perfect for all the action while on the slopes. however, one thing that shocked me on my first ski trip was the amount of restaurants that are outdoors.

Therefore, sun glasses are ideal for meal times. Last thing you want is having to wear a chunky pair of googles to block out the sun while you eat.

Keep Those Piggy’s Warm!

Now, if it is your first time skiing I recommend purchasing cheaper ski clothing just incase you take a dislike to skiing.

However, this does not apply for ski socks. Spending an extra few dollars on socks will make the world of difference. I promise you will not regret it.

For one week on the slopes, I recommend packing 7 pairs of ski socks.

Snug as a bug

I went on my first 3 ski trips without a snug. I settled for just a normal scarf. At the time I had no idea what I was missing.

I now know that ski snugs are one of the best things to have on a ski packing list. They keep your face toasty and warm. And are super easy to wear.

Keeps Those Ears Warm

An easily forgotten item is none other than a head band to keep the ears warm.

It is easy to opt in for a fashionable headband but remember it needs to fit comfortably underneath a helmet.

So, ensure that it is not too chunky.

A Helmet!

You may be tempted to ditch the helmet while you ski. Well, Don’t. Skiing is an extreme sport after all and even even while taking all the persuasions in the world. Incidents still happen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

I usually rent my helmet when I arrive at my resort. They are generally quite cheap to buy but take up a lot of space in a suitcase.

Avoid Slipping with Snow Boots

Snow boots are not always a must. It really depends on your resort and it’s altitude.

If the resort doesn’t have ski in ski out access, then the need for snow boots are less likely.

I always pack my boots just in case. The are ideal for walking around the town and most resorts have lockers on the slope. Meaning you can carry your ski boots in your hand and avoid the uncomfortable walk to the slopes.

Don’t Forget Your Day Bag

I put my Deuter bag on any packing list. It is one of my favourite items I have ever purchased.

I’d advise bringing a small day bag to hold water, extra layers and accessories.

A day bag is also super handy for all you photography lovers to store your camera’s.

Other Things you May Want To Pack for on the Slope Fun

  • Blister Plasters
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Lip Balm with SPF
  • Cash/Card
  • ID
  • Water Bottle
  • Hat
  • Sun Cream
what to pack for a ski trip skiing Mayrhofen austria
Mayrhofen, Austria

What to Pack for a Ski Trip Evening Events

The next section of this ski trip packing list will highlight the clothing items needed for evening events at your ski resorts. Quantises are based on a one week ski trip.

Casual Outfits x3: I’d suggest bringing 4 casual outfits to wear to dinner or out around the town.

Aprés Ski Outfits x3: Bring 3 ‘dressy’ ish outfits for some apres ski events. Most ski resort will host events throughout the ski week. Some are dressier than others. Maybe do a little research on the events taking place and pack accordingly.

Gym or Leisure ware x2: I like to pack some cosy clothing for lounging around in after a long day skiing. These are also handy for strolling to the shops to pick up food for the chalet, apartment or hotel.

Runners/ Sneakers/ Shoes: I try to limit the amount of shoes I bring skiing. I usually stick to one pair of sneakers, a casual shoe and snow boots. I also bring flip flops for the shower.

Underwear: Don’t forget to pack underwear, normal socks and ladies a bra (sports & normal).

Slippers: Now, slippers are completely optional. I usually bring a few pairs of fluffy socks which do the trick. But, if you are someone who can’t live without their slippers, don’t forget to pack them.

Extra Coat: I pack an extra coat when skiing. Mainly because my ski wear is a one piece. Skiing isn’t a high fashion holiday and it is quite common for people to wear their ski jacket out and about in the town.

Swimsuit: Check to see if your resort has a pool. It is nice to go for a swim and a dip in the sauna after a long day of skiing.

Towels: The need for a towel depends on your accommodation type. Check before you leave if you accommodation provides towels. Ski resorts have the tendency to be expensive and towels may not come cheap.

ski essentials and ski trip checklist

Toiletries Needed for a Ski Trip

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Makeup (Ladies)
  • Hair Ties
  • Hair Dryer
  • Pain Killers
  • Muscle Relief
  • Sun Cream

Gadgets Needed For a Ski Trip

Smart Phone for Pictures

This may be a given but don’t forget your phone!

The camera on most smart phones are of great quality. Therefore you have relieve your skiing memories through your phone.

I’d also advise purchasing a water proof casing unite or pack a plastic zip lock bag to protect your phone from the snow.

Emergency Charger/ Power Bank

I don’t know what it is but whenever I go skiing the battery on my phone drains 10 times quicker.

Maybe it’s the altitude, the cold air or the frequent picture taking.

Either way, an emergency power bank always comes in handy to keep the devices running at all time.

A Universal Travel Adapter

If you are flying to a different country for your ski trip be sure to check the countries power supply.

You may need a travel adapter to charge all your devices.

The one pictured above is universal and works in all countries.

Go Pro or Action Cam

I’d honestly be lost without my go pro. I love making video clips of my skiing adventures.

Of corse this is not a ski essential but I wanted to add it to the packing list for those of you who share the same love for photography and film.

*Check out my ski video from Austria for Inspiration*

FREE Printable Ski Trip Packing List

What to pack for a ski trip FREE PDF Ski trip Checklist. Click here for a free download.

Ski Checklist printable ski trip packing list

Thank You For Reading!

This brings us to the end of our ‘What to pack for a ski trip’ guide. I hope you found this ski checklist super helpful. Have the best time on your adventure on the slopes.


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