Hello! Bonjour! Halo! My name is Laura, I'm a 22 years old Irish girl with dreams of travelling the world one step at a time. I love discovering new cultures, exploring new countries and experiencing different places. I've always had a love for travel, However it was back in summer of 2015 where I truly caught the ‘Travel Bug’. I had set off on my first real ‘Adult’ adventure, backpacking through Europe by train, bus and plane. Here I discovered the difference between a holiday and travelling. Ever since this unforgettable adventure, I can't get the idea of travelling out of my mind.

Blogging is new to me, I've never wrote a blog before, nor do I have any writing experience to date but there is one thing I do have and that’s a passion. A love for Travel, Adventure and Life. So if you have happened to stumble across this page, feel free to stay a little longer, get to know me and learn about my adventures. Oh And Hey! Who knows we might bump into each other one day on our travels around the world. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, until next time, Slán go Fóill.