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Lost Creator Academy Review (Updated Oct 2023: Is it REALLY worth the money?

Lost Creator Academy Review: Is it REALLY worth the money?

So, you’ve watched the videos, you have read all the reviews and you have *almost* clicked the daunting ‘ENROLL NOW’ button but… something has you scared. And honestly, I don’t blame you. In fact, I was in your position 2 years ago. And frankly, 800 quid is A LOT of money to spend, especially when you are just starting out in the world of content creation. That is why, I have decided to write this Lost Creator Academy Review, to help YOU decide if joining Lost Creator Academy is the right fit for you. My Lost Creator Academy Review will cover all there is to know about the program, how it has helped me and how it can help you.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out the Lost Creator Academy 1 Hour FREE training as it gives you an idea of the learning style and the type of training you will receive once inside the academy.

Lost Creator Academy Review
Lost Creator Academy Review

Is Lost Creators Academy Worth it? (the short answer)

If you have been sitting on the fence for quite some time now, and just need someone to give you that final push, then let me do the honour. Is Lost Creator Academy Worth it? Absolutely! 

In my opinion, Lost Creator Academy has everything you need to turn dreaming about quitting your 9 to 5 into a reality. Christian provides his students with the fundamentals to turn content creation into a full-time career. So, if you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication to make that happen, then Lost Creator Academy is the right investment for you.

However, I will say, if you already have strong skills in Photography, Videography and Editing. I would keep reading as the academy covers these topics in great detail. So, you may already have over 50% of the training offered in the course. But… don’t worry, I will cover everything offered in great detail to make the decision easier for you.

If the button above made you a little nervous and you are still uncertain about whether to take the plunge, then keep on reading. In this LCA review, I will cover everything you need to know before fully committing to Lost Creator Academy. We will discuss what you will learn, Who should invest in LCA and my own personal experience.

My Experience After Joining Lost Creator Academy

At the end of this guide, I highlight some of my achievements since joining the Academy from growing my social following to over 78 thousand followers, to working as a content creator and brand collaborations. However, I did want to say if you have personal questions before joining the course feel free to reach out to me via Instagram. I’d be happy to answer all your questions.

Lost Creator Academy Review: Table of Contents

I am going to break this review into clear and concise sections to make it easy to navigate through. Feel free to jump around each category, depending on your needs.

Is Lost Creators Academy Worth it? (the short answer)

Lost Creator Academy Discounts/Black Friday Sale

Lost Creator Academy Module Reviews

My Personal Experience in LCA

Lost Creator Academy Discounts:

There are a few points throughout the year when Lost Creator Academy is offered at a discounted rate. At the time of writing, it is possible for those who take part in the 1-hour free training to receive a 10% discount.

Lost Creator Academy Balck Friday Sale:

Each year Christian also holds a massive Black Friday Sale. Usually, he will hold competitions the week before Black Friday where content creators can win access to the course for free. The Black Friday sale is normally announced a week beforehand. I will update this post when the 2022 LCA Black Friday sale goes live. In the meantime, keep an eye on the LCA website for updates.

Lost Creator Academy Review 3

What is Lost Creator Academy?

If you have clicked on this article, I already presume you are familiar with Lost Creators Academy but just in case, here is a brief description. Lost Creator Academy, otherwise known as LCA is an online training platform for aspiring content creators created by Lost LeBlanc. Inside the Academy, there are over 110 videos and counting, which adds up to 60 plus hours worth of training. The academy teaches students everything they need to know about the world of content creation. Students are introduced to in-depth ways to advance their photography, videography and editing skills. The training also provides students with a way to enter and excel at the business side of content creation.

Who is Christian Le Blanc?

Christian Le Blanc is one of the world’s leading travel filmmakers who has spent the past 5 years earning an income online through content creation. He is an insanely talented photographer, videographer and storyteller, who knows the ins and outs of the industry. Since leaving his 9 to 5 job, Christian has turned content creation into a 7 figure business and is now passing on his knowledge to his students.

Who Should Join Lost Creator Academy?

The great thing about Lost Creator Academy is it is so diverse. Meaning it is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level content creators. It is perfect for those who are looking to turn their dream job of content creation into a reality, by eventually quitting their 9 to 5 and working remotely around the world.

One thing I will say about LCA is it is not a get-rich-quick kinda deal. Christian provides his students with the fundamentals, it is then up to you to choose how to use them.

If you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to become a full-time content creator, then I highly recommend you invest in Lost Creator Academy to help you achieve your goal.

Lost Creator Academy Modules & Course Insight

Once you purchase LCA you are granted lifetime access to all of the course contents & the Facebook group. This includes over 170 creator tutorials equalling 70+ hours of lessons.

The course consists of 9 modules in total:

  1. Let’s Get Started
  2. Creative Basics
  3. Creative Photography
  4. Creative Videography
  5. Creative Reviewing Your content
  6. Business Monetization
  7. Business Social Growth
  8. Sell Your Own Products
  9. Creator Coaches

In the drop-down menu down below I have included each topic taught and my own personal review of each.

Module Offered in LCA & My Personal Review of Each
ModuleTopics CoveredMy Experience/Review
Welcome – Let’s Get StartedThis is an introduction section with two lessons teaching students how to navigate the academy!Helpful for those first joining and looking for a quick tutorial.
Creative BasicsThis module covers the fundamentals of photography. Perfect for those picking up a camera for the first time.

Topics include: Intro to Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro & FCPX – Manual Camera Lessons – Storytelling – Level Up Your Visuals – Lighting – File Management Tutorial – Studio Lessons (Lighting, Video, Audio) – DSLR VS Mirrorless Cameras – Tell Stories that captivate – Turning Horizontal Videos into Vertical
This module is perfect for those who are entering the world of content creation for the first time.

When I first joined LCA in April 2020 the only piece of tech I owned was my mobile phone and a GoPro.

This module helped me master my skills in photography, videography and manual camera settings.
Creative Videography
The videography module really has it all.

Topics include confidence in front of the camera – Do’s & Don’t of Vlogging – Final Cut Bootcamp – Premiere Pro Bootcamp – Editing on a slow computer – Colour Grade Like a Pro – Audio Production – editing a travel video from start to finish – How to film & edit a cinematic video – Sound Design – Timelapse Module – How I edit my best video yet ‘Sleep Can Wait’ – Sarakiniko Video and Photoshoot (behind the scenes)

When I first joined LCA I had very basic videography skills.

My biggest take-home from this module was how to tell a compelling story.

I used Christians teaching to develop a ‘hook’ for my content. It gave my followers a reason to keep coming back for more.

I am currently working on advancing my videography skills and am getting better with each practice.
Module 3: Master Your VideographyThis Module helps students advance their photography skills by teaching them to become skilled photographers both behind the lens and in the editing room.

Topics include: Behind the scenes of Portrait Shooting in Tokyo – Shoot for Instagram without a photographer – Lightroom Bootcamp – Sky Replacement – How to shoot, land & Edit a hotel collab – Make Better Thumbnails – My worse & best thumbnails – Why my video went viral – Editing my ‘How to travel Bali Thumbnail – Underwater Suite Post on Instagram (behind the scenes – I edit your photos in lightroom – Mastering the pet shoot (behind the scenes) – How to shoot thumbnails –
This module is a very edit heavy module. It is an important one for those looking to level up their photo editing skills.

I for one found it very useful in taking my photoshop and lightroom skills to the next level.

It is also helpful for learning clever youtube thumbnail designs.

Creative: Reviewing YOUR ContentIn this module, both Christian and his assistant Robbie take some time to review the content of students in LCA.

Students have the option to submit their pieces of work through trends in the Facebook group.
This module is definitely interesting as it allows us to have an inside look at how a professional would approach a piece of content edited by beginners to intimidate creators. They give a lot of advice on how to improve the piece.
Business MonetizationModule 4 is probably the most interesting, and potentially the most valuable.

In this module, students are given insider knowledge on how the business side of content creation works.

Topics include: Time Management 101 – How to make money with no following – Build a brand that will last – My revenue streams – Get your first client – My first brand deal – how to do brand deals that don’t hurt your brand – Email Templates – How to price yourself – Contracts 101 – How to negotiate – Art of Collaboration – The monetization opportunity most creators miss (email funnel) – Getting collaborations without a huge following – How much should you charge for freelance work – 10 tips for creating a catchy brand name – Should you hire a virtual assistant – How having a Niche pays – How to become a freelancer.

It may sound a little strange, but I skipped straight to module four when I first joined LCA.

I know I said I didn’t have much experience in photography or videography, however, I was not new to the world of content creation. I have been running my blog for three years previous and I was ready to bring it to the next level.

The business module opened my eyes to possible opportunities and gave me the confidence I needed to start reaching for them.

In my experience, a lot of the information in the business module is hard to find elsewhere on the internet. At least, not for free.
Business: Social GrowthIn the fifth module, Christian teaches you how to grow your brand online.

Topics Include: How to grow on Instagram – The Instagram Algorithm – How to grow on Youtube – SEO for Youtube – How to be a creator while working full time – How to promote and launch a video – 45 days of posting daily on Instagram
This module is definitely beneficial for those looking to grow their social following.

It gives in-depth guides on both Instagram & Youtube.

I found the information in this section of the course quite valuable. Especially the cause studies such as 45 days of posting on Instagram.
Sell Your Own ProductIf you are looking to sell your own product, course or ebook this is a good module to take

Topics include: Introduction to selling your own product – Deciding your product – getting the website ready – getting your website built – creating Shopify store – opening a square space website – how to market and sell your product – opening convertkit account – opening Mailchimp account – building your email list – creating an email broadcast – creating email sequence – Facebook community groups – possible product ideas – setting up thinkific – opening a teachable account
I found this module particularly beneficial when starting my own print store.

This is perfect for anyone looking to monetise your talents by a physical or digital product
Creator CoachesChristian has invited some guest lecturers to educate LCA members on certain topics that Christian doesn’t consider himself an expert in.

Giving students an insight into the world of content creation from a different perspective.

Topics & Coaches include Sydney Symons (Working with models, shooting with brands) – Malthe Zemakoff – (Landscape photography – 7-part series) – Jakob Burkhardt (E-Commerce Studio Photography & Styling your lighting) – Paris Verra (how to change the colour of your clothing & Get the perfect photo). – Lexie Limitless (How to script a vlog & how to plan a trip for content). Brett Coti (When should you hire & attract brand deals that pay more)
This module is quite refreshing to watch as it gives a perspective of the content creator world through the eyes of other creators.

It is almost like getting a sneak peek into someone else’s course.

It gives LCA an extra edge compared to other online creator courses as it offers more than Christians Skill Set

Lost Creator Academy Extra’s

Christian goes above and beyond to ensure that each student gets their money’s worth once they or take the leap and purchase Lost Creators Academy. Not only does he offer 70 plus hours of virtual training, but he also provides students with the extras down below.

  1. A Lifetime Access: By purchasing LCA students are granted lifetime access to the program and any future updates. This allows them to educate themselves at their own pace and become familiar with any new changes within the industry.
  2. Media Kit Template: Christian also provides students with his media kit template. A media kit is a content creator’s version of a ‘CV’ or ‘Resume’, highlighting your previous work, social media analytics and website stats.
  3. Pricing Calculator: When first starting off in the world of content creation it can be hard to find the right ‘price’. Christian provides students with an online calculator to help them decide how much they should charge for certain projects. This includes freelance work, youtube promotion and Instagram campaigns.
  4. Feedback from Christian: Christian or members of his team often reply to questions asked at the academy. This is a great way to get professional advice from those already working in the industry.
  5. Equipment List: A detailed list highlighting some of the top gear to purchase as a content creator, this is valuable for both beginners and advanced creators.
  6. Hot Key Cheat Sheet: A detailed guide to the top keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your editing process.

Lost Creator Academy Email Templates

Possibly one of the most valuable elements of Lost Creator Academy is the email templates provided by Christian. These give you the correct wording to use when approaching hotels, brands and tourism boards for collaboration. It helps both those with a large to the medium following to those with zero following. Below is an example of some of the template topics.

  1. Photographers Hotel Collaboration Template 
  2. Hotel Collaboration Email Template – Example 1 (Last Minute proposal)
  3. Hotel Negotiation Template
  4. Hotel Collaboration Email Template – Example 2
  5. Hotel Collaboration Email Template – Example 3
  6. Get a Free Product (Someone contacting on your behalf)
  7. Hotel Collaboration Email Template (Successfully used for “Most Luxurious UAE” video)
  8. Hotel Contact Template (Template used for low to mid-priority hotels)
  9. Tourism Board Contact Template
  10. Tourism Board Contact Template (Someone contacting on your behalf)
  11. St Regis Cairo Email Template
  12. Lost LeBlanc HOTEL TEMPLATE V2 2021
  13. Small YouTube Account HOTEL/BUSINESS Collab Template
  14. Small YouTube Account (Example: @JordanTravels) HOTEL/BUSINESS Collab Template

Lost Creator Academy Community

By far one of the most amazing things about Lost Creator Academy is the community of like-minded people you get to meet along the way.

When I first purchased the academy I never could have dreamed of meeting such a lovely group of friends both from my home country in Ireland and from around the globe.

We all work together to grow, learn and chase our passion. Whether that is in person, on social media or through the LCA facebook group.

If you are looking to make friends with like-minded creators then LCA is the perfect community for you. I have made a list down below of some of the community benefits.

LCA Community Benefits:

  1. Speed Networking Events
  2. Weekly hangouts
  3. Workshops by LCA members
  4. Life Long Friends
  5. International Meet Ups
  6. Collaborations & More

It is amazing to have a group of like-minded individuals to chat with and discuss plans and ambitions. The community is only getting stronger and it would be great to see you become a part of it.

Lost Creator Academy Review: My Personal Experience

Investing in LCA is possibly one of the best decisions I have ever made. And that is a very big statement to make.

I first purchased the program back when it had maybe 300 members, if even. I was so scared. I feared it wouldn’t be worth the large price tag. There were basically no reviews at the time. And everything the academy offered seemed too good to be true.

I must give it to Christian, he has remained extremely involved in every aspect of the Academy, even nearly two years after the initial launch date. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at how involved he is.

It feels weird typing this but Lost Creator Academy has quite literally changed my life. I went from being someone who ran a marginally successful travel blog as a side hustle, to a confident content creator who is now working full-time to achieve my goals.

I get asked quite often on Instagram ‘Is LCA worth the money?’. My answer is always. Yes! If you are willing to put in hours of hard work and dedication to make your dreams a reality then LCA is the stepping stone you need.

I have had a few people challenge that answer with ‘but can’t I find all the information for free on the internet?’. And to some extent, they could be right. I could have ‘just googled’ many of the topics discussed in LCA BUT…. google doesn’t give me access to a highly dedicated mentor, an amazing community and insider knowledge.

I reckon by joining LCA, I have sped up the time it would have taken to reach my current skillset by about 4 years. I now have access to everything I need to become a professional photographer, videographer and storyteller and it is located all in one place. The more time I put in, the better I become.

Lost Creator Academy has given me the confidence I needed to just go for it! I now have the determination to chase my dreams and make them a reality! And for that, I want to say a big thank you to Christian and my fellow LCA students.

If this is something you are looking for then I’d highly recommend enrolling in Lost Creator Academy.

My Results after joining Lost Creator Academy

Joining LCA has quite literally changed my life, I went from dreaming about turning content creation into my full-time job to it actually becoming my job. I have learned so many valuable things from the academy, but for me, the biggest take home was a confidence boost. I learned how to present myself in front of a camera, to not fear the opinions of others and to just have fun doing what I love. Down below I have highlighted some of my biggest achievements since joining LCA. And yes, not all of it is down to the contents of the course, I put in A LOT of hard work to get to where I am, however, LCA gave me the fundamentals I need to take my dreams to the next level. And that is something I will forever be grateful for. If you want to ask me any questions before joining LCA my Instagram DM’s are always open.


Since joining Lost Creator Academy I have been lucky to work with some of my DREAM brands including Airlines, Tourism Boards and Clothing Stores.

These collaborations have been on both a paid and unpaid basis, I have since learned to value my skills and will rarely work with a brand without my hard work being paid for.

To the left is an example of some of the brands I have worked with in the past. You can check out my portfolio page for an example of some of the work I have done for the collaborations.

If you are hoping to level up your collaboration game I’d highly recommend you join LCA today. I promise you will not regret it.

Lost Creator Academy Review- Results

Instagram Growth

A few months after joining Lost Creator Academy I noticed my Instagram following began to increase. My photography skills improved at a rapid rate and people started to notice.

I then decided to niche down and focus on Ireland travel. I worked hard at creating my own style of content and invested a lot of time into Instagram reels. That’s when my growth began to skyrocket and I started to gain a much larger following. In December my account grew from 1,500 followers to 10k in just 6 weeks. Safe to say I was on cloud 9.

There were two main reasons for such quick growth, the first being the skills I learned from LCA and the second being endless hours of hard work (I released a new reel every day for a whole month).

My Instagram account is continuing to grow (now sitting at 19K followers), however, at a slower rate due to it not being my main focus at the moment. The higher volume of followers has allowed me to land dream collaborations like working with tourism boards.

Tiktok Growth

I spent the first half of 2020 pulling my hair out because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get my Tiktok account to ‘take off’.

However, I never gave up, and with the help of fellow LCA members, I discovered my own style and what worked for my account.

Tiktok is still a relatively new platform meaning there are still so many opportunities for people to grow at quite a rapid rate.

It’s a platform I am excited to see where it takes me and short-form content is quite fun to create.

If you are looking to up your videography and editing skills to grow on platforms such as Tiktok, then I think Lost Creator Academy is the perfect place to start.

Why not sign up for the FREE training to see if it is right for you?

Youtube Growth

Youtube is a platform I only started taking seriously recently (October 2022). I have had my channel since 2017, and started to upload vlogs here and there from Jan 21, however, I never really gave it much time and attention it needed.

Now, it is by far my favourite platform, I got monitiztised this year and I can finally see a little bit of income coming through which makes uploading that little bit more exciting.

I find the community on youtube is much nicer, I can be myself and having to worry about things fitting into the ‘Instagram’ or ‘Tiktok’ aesthetic.

My channel has grown from 200 subs to 2.4K in 2 years without consistently uploading, however, I have now given myself the challenge to take it to the next level.

Again, LCA has given me the fundamentals for good storytelling, editing and Youtube techniques.

Selling my Photography

One of the highlights of my content creation journey to date is the first time someone purchased one of my photography prints.

I was in pure disbelief that another person liked my work so much that they were willing to pay for it.

Before joining LCA I had ZERO knowledge of how to take a photo in manual mode never mind edit one.

If fact, before the academy all my photos were edited with WAAAAAYYYY too much saturation. Since I have learned how to present my photos in a nice way and make a little income on the side 😉

My print store was the first way I used the skills learned in LCA to make money. It was a very happy moment for me.

Conclusion: Is Lost Creator Academy Worth It?

Yes, in my opinion, Lost Creator Academy is the perfect course for anyone looking to step up their game in the world of content creation. I do personally believe that the academy is best for beginners and intermediate content creators. As those with strong videography/photography may already have over 50% of the skills offered. So, what are you waiting for, it is time to join Lost Creator Academy now!

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