Some of My Favourite Disney Memories

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Cinderella’s Castle, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

Disney was such a major part of my childhood, it allowed me to create so many beautiful and magical memories. Memories I will never forget. As a child, I was fortunate enough to visit Walt Disney World time and time again. As my blog continues to grow, I plan to share my Disney tips, tricks and stories with you. This post with highlight some of my favourite Disney Memories. 

My Disney Memories
Me as a Child with Cinderella and Prince Charming

1. My Childhood Memories

I grew up around all things Disney. There is nothing I enjoy more than looking back on all my favourite Disney moments. Like walking down Main Street USA bright and early in the morning or watching the fireworks with my family late at night.

See that little girl below, that’s me. Four years of age smiling alongside Cinderella and Prince Charming as I entered the Magic Kingdom. Now 18 years later a few things have changed, I’ve grown considerably, Aged a fair bit and no longer have that cheesy grin but there is one thing yet to change and don’t think it ever will. That feeling of excitement every time I walk into Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

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Riding Tower of Terror Alone With a Cast Member

2. Riding Tower of Terror with a Cast Member

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride Tower of Terror with a Disney Cast Member? Well, I can tell you that it is one of the most exciting things that I have ever done at Walt Disney World. On our final night of our Disney Holiday, my family and I were lucky enough to ride Tower of Terror with only one extra passenger, our trusty bell hop Jessica. This is not your everyday Disney experience, it’s something a little extra, a little bit more magical, a little bit more exciting. As we sat down in the elevator those famous words suddenly became very real ‘One stormy night long ago, five people stepped through the door of an elevator and into a nightmare, That door is opening once again, and this time it’s opening for you’. It was an eerie, yet fun filled experience, one we will never forget. It was definitely the perfect end to our Disney Holiday.

Backlot tour extra
Getting Soaked on set of the Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios

3. Getting Soaked in the backlot tour

In 2014, I volunteered to be an extra in the Hollywood Studios Backlot Tour. I’m no actress but it’s not hard to pretend to panic when you have one thousand gallons of water rushing towards you. Luckily they gave me waterproof clothing to wear, otherwise, I would have been one wet guest.

My Disney Memories
Frozen Ice Skating Rink at Disney World

4. Ice Skating at Walt Disney World

Florida is often associated with high humidly and 100 degrees of heat. So the last thing you would expect to do is go ice skating right? Well, think again, in 2014 Disney temporarily opened an ice rink as part of ‘Frozen Summer Fun’. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go skating in a pair of shorts. Safe to say it was a strange experience stepping out of a winter wonderland into Florida’s blistering heat.

Epcot leave a legacy

5. Leave a Legacy (Epcot)

When I was 9 years old my family decided to leave a legacy at Epcot and every year without fail we forget where our legacy is located. This usually results in our own family version of survival of the fittest, with all four of us frantically running around the entrance of Epcot trying to find the plate with our names on it.

6. Dancing With Push the Talking Trash Can

Have you ever heard of Push the Talking Trash Can? He roamed the streets of tomorrow land from 1995 to 2014. Well, I was lucky enough to get a proposal out of the legendary trash can, however, I am still waiting to find out the date of the wedding. Check out our first dance below.

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite Disney Memories, I’d love to hear about some of yours in the comment section below. Until next time, SlΓ‘n go fΓ³ill. PIN ME:

13 thoughts on “Some of My Favourite Disney Memories

  1. Lisa says:

    What a sweet post that pretty much documents your childhood! You were a sweet little girl! I was terrified on that tower of terror ride, think I screamed the loudest haha.

  2. amit says:

    It doesn’t matter how old you get Disney land can never get old πŸ˜€ – I have just as much fun going now as I did as a kid πŸ˜€

  3. Justine says:

    awww. you were such a cute little kid! and haha I’ve always been scared of the tower of terror but finally tried it in Tokyo and it was actually a lot of fun despite having my eyes closed for most of the time. πŸ˜›

  4. Kate says:

    I’ve never visited any of the Disney theme parks, but my sister-in-law is an absolute Disney fiend. She and my brother visited the park in Hong Kong and I think it made her entire life! I would like to visit one one day, to satisfy the big kid inside of me.

  5. Becca Talbot says:

    Absolutely adore the pic of you when you were little, so cute! I have to be honest: I went to Disney when I was an adult, so maybe couldn’t appreciate the “magic” of it as much, instead I was frustrated with long queues and overpriced food and drink lol. Would I go back? Probably not – but then I haven’t been to Universal Studios, so might like that more x

  6. Halley Wright says:

    DisneyWorld is such a wonder, it seems like there is so much to see and do! That’s awesome you were able to go as a kid, that would have been so cool! I definitely want to go someday!

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