Edinburgh Stole My Heart


Edinburgh stole my heart

Edinburgh stole my heart and I don’t want it back. From the moment I stepped foot onto Scotish soil, I fell in love. It was as if I strolled into my own real-life version of a fairytale, with beautiful buildings, friendly people and super tasty food (Just don’t make the mistake of asking what Haggis is made of). Edinburgh stole my heart

It is no wonder this charming city is the host of over four million visitors each year, with so much to do and see, Edinburgh is the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Edinburgh Stole My Hearth

One thing I particularly enjoyed about Edinburgh is the atmosphere. Often major cities are overpowered by thousands of people rushing around trying to complete their daily errands. However, Edinburgh gave off an otherwise different impression. While walking down the Royal Mile, My mind was at ease, I didn’t feel need to rush or move out of the way. A feeling that is quite recurring in other popular cities such as New York or Los Angeles.

The buildings and surroundings of Edinburgh are truly unique. I really enjoyed strolling around looking at all that was around me.

Throughout my visit I took part in the Sandeman’s free walking tour, an experience I’d highly recommend. Our tour guide educated us on both the history of Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole. Along the way, he pointed out some places J.K Rolling sought inspiration while writing the Harry Potter Series. It was an extremely enjoyable experience, giving us a deeper understanding of Edinburgh and it’s history.

While in Edinburgh, we visited Edinburgh castle and climbed the Scott Monument. To reach the top of the Scott Monument, A LOT of climbing was involved. We climbed endless amount’s of staircases, at one point I thought we would never reach the top. Although once completed, the view was 100% worth the shortness of breath and sore legs.


I really enjoyed my trip to Edinburgh and can’t the return and explore more of this enchanted city. Edinburgh stole my heart


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