I'm going to CAMP!

Ok, so I must start off by apologising, recently I have been super duper busy with some final college assignments. As a result, I went MIA for a while. However, with that being said I have some really exciting travel news to share with my readers. I going to CAMP!


That’s right I’m an adult heading to camp for the first time. I’m a little bit scared, A little bit nervous, but most of all I am extremely excited. For the summer, I am going to be working as a camp counselor and one of the best parts of the job is it’s in America. Normally, I use this blog for travel tips and advice. I rarely talk about myself and my experiences. However, I am going to try to update my blog with travel diary entries from my big American adventure. I going to CAMP!

Many of you don’t know this but I am studying to become a Montessori teacher, so this experience is combining my two main passions together, travel and teaching. At camp, I’ll be working as a Lifeguard, Guitar teacher, outdoor wilderness teacher and a high ropes and sailing instructor. It’s going to be a challenging summer but at the same time extremely rewarding. I will be working with many other camp counselors from all over the world and I can not wait. I going to CAMP!


After camp, I will be travelling from the East to the West coast of Trek America one their Northern Trail. Travelling to destinations such as the Niagara Falls, Yellow Stone National Park, and Yosemite. As I travel I will be regularly updating my Instagram and Facebook pages so be sure to follow along.

After my trek, I’ll be heading back to New York where I currently am to explore some more.


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I going to CAMP!